Take a Trip to Tequila Town


The Ferguson’s took Tequila, Mexico by storm.  Next time we’ll call ahead so they’re ready for us.  I’ve tallied up the results for the tequila each of us drank, and….wait for it…we officially drank zero ounces of the fermented agave delicacy for which Mexico is known worldwide.  We also bought zero bottles to go, likely making us the most boring and least economically stimulating visitors ever to have visited the town of Tequila.  But Tequila was not the most boring town we’ve ever been visitors to.  The landscape around the town is gorgeous; row after row of dusty blue agave fields with steep mountains as a backdrop.  The town itself is a designated Magic Town by the Mexican government, just like Comala, Mazamitla & Pátzcuaro, and with good reason.  The well-preserved colonial Spanish architecture is charming, to say the least, in addition to the town’s legacy of tequila distilleries.











Did you know Jose Cuervo means “Joseph Crow”?


In perfect fashion for Grandpa & Grandma’s visit, below is the Grandparent’s Tequila Distillery.


Put yourself back in college.  You saved up enough money to stay at a crappy old hotel in Panama City for spring break.  You’re at a bar trying to look cool for the ladies.  The DJ screams in the mic, “DID SOMEONE CALL THE TEQUILA POLICE?!!!!”  That probably never happened, but the real Tequila Police did.  Sorry, I can only think of spring break jokes when I think of tequila, even though I never went on spring break.


Just to prove I had zero drinks of Tequila, here’s my parallel parking job, probably the finest of my time.  I squeezed into a spot just inches longer than the car itself.




One thought on “Take a Trip to Tequila Town

  1. I have been to Tequila with my comadre Needless to say we didn’t buy anything but we had plenty of free samples. 😆

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