Size Up the City

The ability to leave our house & go on foot to find whatever we need need is priceless, not to mention much healthier.  On our block alone there are four different small stores, and within a few blocks there’s pretty much anything you could ever think of.  Carl has barely left the garage since we arrived in Guadalajara, and that feels very nice.  We frequently walk to see the historic areas of the city.  On the other hand, if you’re looking for modern stuff, Guadalajara also has sprawling luxury suburbs.  Over the last few days we’ve taken my parents to see both the old, historic district, and the new ‘burbs with fancy malls and chain restaurants.  They’re both fun to see in their own ways.  There are so many beautiful sides to Mexico that most Americans would never imagine.





The city’s main market is HUGE!  It’s very difficult to describe.  There are multiple stories of vendor after vendor.  It’s divided into categories.  So in shoe land, for example, there are probably 100 vendors that only sell shoes.  There’s electronics land, fruit land, spice land, pet land, musical instrument land, handiwork land, clothes land, and on and on.  You could wander for hours and not see everything.  It’s cool and overwhelming at the same time.




The next day we did a 180 and walked around a fancy mall in a fancy suburb.


We ate dinner at a Chuck E. Cheese sort of place called Peter Piper Pizza.  Again, not what I thought I’d be doing in Mexico, but fun nonetheless.  iola won the 250 ticket jackpot on a game, which we thought was amazing, but then five minutes later she did it again!  The funny part is since she’s never been to a place like this before, from now on she’s going to be disappointed when the machine only gives her four tickets.   I wish I knew how to choose a different freeze-frame preview of a video.

And there’s always time for relaxing at the house.



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