Tour a Bourbon Distillery in Kentucky

One thing Kentucky is known for is their bourbon. So, when in Kentucky… drink some bourbon.  And lucky for us our friend Steve was also in Kentucky with a rental car!

We drove down the bourbon trail and found The Heaven Hill distillery.

We arrived just as a tour had started. We sneaked in to a small theater and caught the end of a movie about the distillery. Then the tour guide took us on a walking tour across the road to one of the bourbon warehouses.


Walking in the warehouse the smell of bourbon was warming! The tour guide, Allen, took us through the warehouse and pointed out things and told us interesting tidbits here and there and threw in a few sexist comments as well.



Allen told us about barrel rolling contests that the employees have and told us that “They even let the ladies compete.”  Oh, Allen.


We walked back across the street to the Bourbon Heritage Center.  Inside we all lined up and went into the largest tasting barrel.

Allen led us through a tasting of two of Heaven Hills finer bourbons.  The bourbons were good and left us with a buzz.

After the tasting Allen thanked us for coming and gave us a bourbon chocolate.  We emptied out of the barrel into the gift shop.


Buy Lemonade from Kid’s Lemonade Stand

Nothing says “It’s Summer” better than a kid selling lemonade along the road.

We were taking a Sunday drive around town and just happened to pass this young entrepreneur. We did a quick U-turn, rolled down our windows and demanded drive-thru service.

The young boy came over to our car and informed us a cup of lemonade was 25 cents! We ordered four. Connie dug through her change purse for enough money.

We asked the lemonade seller how business was going and he responded, “Ehh…”


For the drive-thru service we gave him a 100% tip. And continued on our Sunday drive enjoying the lemonade.





Drink a Mint Julep & Bet on a Horse at the Kentucky Derby

We attended the 138th Kentucky Derby on Saturday May 5, 2012.

Almost right away we bought $11 mint juleps that were served in a collectors glass. While sipping on the mint juleps we stood in line to make bets on the horses. We picked out two horses: Daddy Long Legs and Creative Cause. We bet $6 on each to Win, Place and show.

The infield is not a great place for watching the horse races but it sure is a great place for people watching. We walked around a bit and then found a tiny plot of grass to rest and relax.

And there were some great people to see…

And I even found a larger hat!

We ended up leaving the Derby due to the temperature, it was hot!


We watched the race in our friends’ living room a block away from Church Hill Downs. And our horses did not win, in fact Daddy Long Legs was last!