Celebrate Three Kings Day

Three Kings Day is the 12th day of Christmas, typically celebrated in Spain and Latin-American countries.  I made crowns with the girls on Wednesday leading up to the day and started talking about the day.  Ryan ordered a Rosca de Reyes cake.

img_3170 Thursday night Iola lined up our boots by the back door for the Kings to leave gifts in – similar to Santa leaving gifts in stockings hung up by the chimney.  We woke up to our boots filled with gifts!  Iola received a pair of socks, orange jello, M&M’s, and lemon gum.  Frida got a dinosaur balloon and a pear.

Thursday we picked up the Rosca de Reyes cake from a Mexican Bakery in Portland.  The shelves were filled with boxed cakes.  The smell of the cake teased us the rest of the day Thursday.  It smells so good!

We found a nice little Mexican bakery – 5 de Mayo Panderia,8416 SE 32nd Ave, Portland, OR 9722


Our friends came over to eat the Rosca de Reyes cake with us.  Traditionally the Rosca de Reyes has a baby Jesus doll hidden inside of it.  Ours had three hidden in it!  Iola found the first little Jesus in her piece.  The cake is the shape of a “O” – or looks like a crown or wreath.


Happy Three Kings Day!


Eat your heart out in a pie eating contest!

Clean face ready to dig in and eat some cherry pie

Siren, Wi has an annual pie eating during their Summerfest.  And this year after googling ‘How to win a pie eating contest,’ I decided to enter.  My competition was a 60 year old woman and 5 men.  Ryan gave me some pep talks because I told him I was just going to casually eat the pie.  Ryan told me to give it my all and that’s what I did.

Getting ready to eat pie!

We were able to choose our pie flavor.  We had the choice of peach, blueberry and cherry.  Ryan and I strategized and decided peach would be the least messy.  I ended up choosing cherry at the last minute because I decided that cherries would go down faster with less chewing.

Fierce competition.

The pies were set in front of each of us and we had a full minute to see who could eat the most.  I finished my filling and started in on the crust.  The guy next to me ate more of his crust than I did and he won.

Cherry pie – gone!

See all the action in the video Ryan took: