Dress Up for Halloween

This year (2012) we dressed up, last minute, as characters from Saturday Night Live sketches.

Ryan dressed up as Gene Frenkle, better known as: “more cowbell guy.” Check out this link to watch the sketch: http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/80a71ef8cb/more-cowbell

Carrie dressed up as classic Peg, a Justin Timberlake character. Follow this link to see the SNL clip: http://www.funnyordie.com/embed_videos/d7734320d6/snl-clip-target-lady

We headed out as More Cowbell Guy and Classic Peg with our friends Napoleon Dynamite and Deb. We entered a costume contest at the Forest Lake legion. Some witches won instead of us.

Halloween family picture.



Ferguson Family Reunion

Ferguson Family: Connie, Gary, Ann, Darl, Donna, Tonya, Hugh, Gay Lou and Dick

We traveled to Southern Iowa for the annual Ferguson Family reunion in Tingley.  The weather was warm, the food was filling and the company was great.

Ryan, Carrie, Jenny, Connie and Gary

After the reunion we took a roadtrip down memory lane and drove around exploring Gary and Connie’s old stomping grounds.