Ice Fishing & Snowmobiling at Night

Our neighbor invited us ice fishing… And so we went. On the way we stopped at 3 places looking to buy a fishing license. We purchased the family deal and saved $15, just another perk of being married… Cheaper fishing licenses.

Our neighbor Chuck and his buddies had already been fishing for awhile when we drove up, conveniently we parked on the ice right next to the popup huts.

Neither Ryan nor I caught anything but it was fun to drink a beer and hope for bites.

We took a break from the strenuous ice fishing and went in a snowmobile ride. It was my first time on a snowmobile. And it was dark and on a lake.








Figure Skating

We live in MN but we grew up in Iowa therefore we did not skate out of the womb straight onto the ice.  Ryan and I have skated a few times here and there but we are by no means seasoned professionals.  In order to feel a bit more Minnesotan we went ice skating at Eagan Civic Arena with a hobby figure skater.

After a few laps around the ice our feet were sore but our balance was better.  We were the oldest people there without kiddos on the ice.  And all the kiddos were naturals on the ice.  Kelly gave us a few pointers.  Besides being a figure skater, she is also a skating teacher for little ones.  Kelly also showed us some awesome figure skating moves – spins and jumps and such!

Attempting backwards skating

Zach and Ryan were comfortable enough on skates to complete a couple laps backwards!

We stayed on our feet the whole time, well almost.  Zach fell once.  There were some blood spots on the ice… thankfully they weren’t from us.

And lastly, why should you not tell jokes when ice skating?  Because the ice might crack up!