Merry #Fergmas

Have fun coloring to make us merry & bright…or hairy & knight…gold, red & gingerbread …sequined, bedazzled & well-travelled…or whatever you dream up!

Right click (or press & hold on phone) to save and print copies!

Share your work with us using #Fergmas on social media or email and we’ll upload it here. We look forward to seeing your creations and thanks for joining in to make this a wonderful 2021 holiday season!

Giant American Gothic Statue, Anamosa, IA

Here’s what we have been up to this year:

Fleur (3) started riding a a pedal bike on her own a few days ago! She dressed up as her favorite animal, the panda, for Halloween. Jumping off of beds, chairs, and anything slightly treacherous is her idea of time well spent. She is usually searching for fossils & treasures.

Frida (5) is the proud mom of her pair of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and their intrusion of babies. Along with learning to whistle this year, Frida has enjoyed swimming, piano, ice skating, and riding her bike. Always on the lookout for a bug or tree to climb, Frida is usually one decision away from her next hospital visit. She kindly asked Santa for a wooden partridge.

Iola (8) is constantly inventing, crafting, creating, and writing. Along with skateboarding, she discovered the joy of waterslides this year. Musically prone, Iola loves playing piano & drums and is finding her way around Great Grandma’s Hammond organ. She wants to be an astronomer, but for now helps build websites and takes out the trash.

Carrie spent the entire year drawing the Merry Fergmas coloring sheet and home-schooling the kids.

Ryan (aging grays-fully) cherishes bike rides & piano time with Carrie and the kids. He’s grateful to be involved in fun projects with talented friends: (Investments in large apartment buildings.) (TV Entertainment)

Chata is mostly blind, deaf, and 17 years old. She spends much of her time at the all-inclusive Ferguson Grandparent Resort in Baxter, IA. Lucky dog.

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