Merry #Fergmas

Have fun coloring to make us merry & bright…or hairy & knight…gold, red & gingerbread …sequined, bedazzled & well-travelled…or whatever you dream up!

Right click (or press & hold on phone) to save and print copies!

Share your work with us using #Fergmas on social media or email and we’ll upload it here. We look forward to seeing your creations and thanks for joining in to make this a wonderful 2021 holiday season!

Giant American Gothic Statue, Anamosa, IA

Here’s what we have been up to this year:

Fleur (3) started riding a a pedal bike on her own a few days ago! She dressed up as her favorite animal, the panda, for Halloween. Jumping off of beds, chairs, and anything slightly treacherous is her idea of time well spent. She is usually searching for fossils & treasures.

Frida (5) is the proud mom of her pair of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and their intrusion of babies. Along with learning to whistle this year, Frida has enjoyed swimming, piano, ice skating, and riding her bike. Always on the lookout for a bug or tree to climb, Frida is usually one decision away from her next hospital visit. She kindly asked Santa for a wooden partridge.

Iola (8) is constantly inventing, crafting, creating, and writing. Along with skateboarding, she discovered the joy of waterslides this year. Musically prone, Iola loves playing piano & drums and is finding her way around Great Grandma’s Hammond organ. She wants to be an astronomer, but for now helps build websites and takes out the trash.

Carrie spent the entire year drawing the Merry Fergmas coloring sheet and home-schooling the kids.

Ryan (aging grays-fully) cherishes bike rides & piano time with Carrie and the kids. He’s grateful to be involved in fun projects with talented friends: (Investments in large apartment buildings.) (TV Entertainment)

Chata is mostly blind, deaf, and 17 years old. She spends much of her time at the all-inclusive Ferguson Grandparent Resort in Baxter, IA. Lucky dog.

Best of 2018

Here’s some pictures from 2018:

Here are some Ferguson family stats from 2018:

  • 1 baby added to the family (Fleur!)
  • 1 surgery (Frida)
  • 1 hospital stay (Frida)
  • 22 US states visited
  • We stayed in the US all year!
  • 4 vehicles (2 RVS: Tammy which we sold in April, Chanel which we bought in October; We are still driving Hank; around town we travel in the Bunchbike!)
  • ~12,000 miles traveled (from sea to shining sea and all around in between!)
  • 364 lbs combined weight on 1/1/2016 (Ryan+Pregnant Carrie+Iola); 352 lbs combined weight on 12/21/2016 (Ryan+Carrie+Iola+Frida)
  • 365 sunrises and sunsets
  • 11 hotel stays
  • 1 house purchased

Circle Lake Superior 


A few quick facts about Lake Superior:

  •  Lake Superior is, by surface area, the world’s largest freshwater lake. The surface area is 31,700 square miles or 82,170 square kilometers
  •  Lake Superior contains 10% of all the earth’s fresh surface water.
  • There is enough water in Lake Superior (3,000,000,000,000,000–or 3 quadrillion– gallons) to flood all of North and South America to a depth of one foot.
  • The Lake Superior shoreline, if straightened out, could connect Duluth and the Bahama Islands.
  • In the summer, the sun sets more than 35 minutes later on the western shore of Lake Superior than at its southeastern edge.
  • Water in Lake Superior is retained, on average, 191 years.
  • Some of the world’s oldest rocks, about 2.7 billion years of age, can be found on the Ontario shore of Lake Superior.

img_9215  img_9168img_9100  img_8891img_8817  img_8719img_8669  img_8421img_8272  img_8191img_7580  img_7471

We spent three weeks driving clockwise around Lake Superior.  We started and ended our journey in Superior, Wisconsin.  We didn’t plan much and took it day by day.  


​ Major highlights of our trip:

-Pebble Beach in Marathon, ON.  The name “Pebble Beach” doesn’t do this beach justice.  The beach is full of what look like dinosaur egg-sized rocks.  All smooth and beautifully rounded.

-We visited all of the National parks in the US and Canada that were within the circle: Grand Portage National Monument (Grand Portage, MN), Pukaskwa National Park (Heron Bay, ON), Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site (Sault Ste. Marie, ON), Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (Munising, MI), Keneenaw National Historical Park (Calumet, MI), Isle Royale National Park (Houghton, MI), and Apostle Islands National Lakeshore (Bayfield, WI).  At each one we completed junior ranger activity booklets (or the xplorer booklets in Canada).  Iola earned 7 new badges!


-July 1st is Canada Day.  Canada Day is a day to celebrate the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the Constitution Act, 1867, which united the three separate colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick into a single Dominion within the British Empire called Canada.  We celebrated the 150th Canada Day in Sault Ste. Marie.  It was fun to see all the Canada pride! We shared in the pride by wearing white and red and flying the Maple.  We enjoyed some poutine while listening to “Oh, Canada!”  Our favorite part of the day was getting our picture taken with Canada’s first woman in space, Roberta Bondar!

-We celebrated Independence Day on July 4th in Munising, MI.  We enjoyed a small town, candy-throwing parade.

Other quick stats:

1 US Dollar = 1.32 CA “Loonies”

5 Libraries visited

1 Rock Mine

23 beaches

10 Museums