Best of 2018

Here’s some pictures from 2018:

Here are some Ferguson family stats from 2018:

  • 1 baby added to the family (Fleur!)
  • 1 surgery (Frida)
  • 1 hospital stay (Frida)
  • 22 US states visited
  • We stayed in the US all year!
  • 4 vehicles (2 RVS: Tammy which we sold in April, Chanel which we bought in October; We are still driving Hank; around town we travel in the Bunchbike!)
  • ~12,000 miles traveled (from sea to shining sea and all around in between!)
  • 364 lbs combined weight on 1/1/2016 (Ryan+Pregnant Carrie+Iola); 352 lbs combined weight on 12/21/2016 (Ryan+Carrie+Iola+Frida)
  • 365 sunrises and sunsets
  • 11 hotel stays
  • 1 house purchased

3 thoughts on “Best of 2018

  1. Hi Carrie n Ryan….merry Xmas to you n your adorable family! Happy new year 2019 maybe we can get together next year. Congratulations on your new home n new baby. Myloi is due February 20 yeah bonus grand baby. I tried to get ahold of Katie to give her Xmas cookies but can’t reach her…called Julie too…did Katie get a new phone number 563 275 9474 is what I have….best wishes to all…love n hugs luanne

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