Fly a kite

We decided to try a fly a kite at The Union Depot in St. Paul because a couple days previous there was a guy flying a remote control helicopter. And it is a nice space. We kept trying to get the kite up higher in the sky but the wind kept changing and swirling. We ended up down by the Mississippi trying to fly the kite. There just wasn’t that much wind.



Test drive a Tesla

Ryan is in love with Tesla electric cars. Tesla cars are pretty amazing. The electric motor is about the size of a watermelon.¬† My favorite part of the car was the “frunk”- the front trunk. There is a large space under the front hood of the car where motors are in most cars. I think we would buy one today if we had the budget for an $80,000 car.

Learn more about these cars here:

Look at that computer screen in the middle!  It is a GPS, an internet browser, the controls center and more!