Call Dad a Good Sport

My dad is probably the most humble guy I know.  I’ve read here and there about the philosophy of stoicism over the last few years.  I think Dad is a Stoic even though he doesn’t know it.  He’s always been willing to laugh right along with us whenever we poke fun at him, usually for his attire.  Well, he gave us plenty of material for our trip to the Guadalajara Zoo.  No, his outfit wasn’t planned and, yes, he gave me permission to write about this.  He referred to himself as Marlin Perkins all day.  Mom called him Crocodile Hunter.  I called him Safari Dan.  Carrie laughed.  Iola just called him Grandpa; gotta love child non-judgmentalness.



The Guadalajara Zoo was very impressive, absolutely not what I expected.  While I’ve never been to the San Diego Zoo to compare, people have written the Guadalajara Zoo tops it.  iola’s favorite part was the train, with the squirrel monkeys coming in a close 2nd.


You can walk through a double door system and go in with the squirrel monkeys.  They were curious little devils.  You had to watch your pockets.  They loved iola’s stroller.





The view from the zoo was equally as scenic.



Mexico offers plenty of animal interaction even outside zoos.  While waiting for our Uber car to take us home, two horses trotted down the street with no owner in sight in a city bigger than Boston.


Until next time, Marlin.



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