Shake that Tlaquepaque

Tlaquepaque is a well-known artsy town on the edge of Guadalajara.  It has the same ring to it as “Laffy Taffy,” at least in my head (pronounced Tlah-kay-pah-kay).  So for our visit to the lovely town I had one of the worst songs ever stuck in my head, Laffy Taffy by D4L.

It’s a popular tourist destination, which means it’s charming but a little too refined for my tastes.  The architecture is beautiful.  The stores and restaurants are modern and swanky, at least in the pedestrian-only artsy tourist zone.  I gravitate more toward the hole-in-the-wall joints that are predominant in most of Mexico, but I’ll admit it was fun to feel fancy for a day.  Carrie’s goal was to find Mexican jumping beans. Unfortunately El Niño weather patterns ruin all the fun.  A street vendor explained that last year it rained earlier than it would have, which means the “beans” (actually moth larva in seed pods) had a shortened lifespan.  So no jumping beans, but it was a gorgeous day for walking around and seeing the unique town.







wp-1456189224499.jpgWe did find parts of the town that were more of the “dusty” Mexico I’ve come to love.wp-1456189033542.jpg






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