Antique Outside

The word for what we’d call “outdoor markets” in English is tianguis in Mexican Spanish.  Sometimes there are mixed tianguis, meaning there will be a mix of clothes vendors, food, fruit, tools, etc.  Often there are specifically themed tianguis, like all fruit & veggies, all clothes, all hippie stuff (no joke), all car parts, etc.  On Sunday we went to an antique themed tianguis.  This is one of the coolest themed tianguis we’ve been to.  Something we keep repeating at every tianguis is, “Wow, that is amazing they set all this up just for one day!”  It really is incredible the amount of stuff vendors will bring in and set up for the day, only to transport most of it back home later in the day.





We stopped for street tacos on the way home.  Mmmm.


For dinner we did the exact opposite of eat street tacos: we ate at the Cheesecake Factory.



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