Keep on Hiking

Carrie’s due date was a few days ago, but no baby yet!  Instead Carrie keeps coming up with more and more fun stuff to do.  Two days ago we hiked into the Barranca de Oblatos (canyon) and yesterday we visited the Guachimontones archaeological site.  Both involved a decent amount of physical activity hiking up and down some serious inclines.  Carrie just smiles and does it…they were her ideas after all.

The Oblatos Canyon is right on the northeast edge of Guadalajara and is a gorgeous place.  Lots of people arrived after work to exercise on the paths leading down into the canyon.



Guachimontones archaeological site is quite different from previous ruins we’ve visited.  Large stepped circular pyramids are the focal point of the many outlying structures surrounding them.  The hike up was steep.  The sign below says pregnant women, people over 60, and anyone with a disability is allowed to drive up the road to the ruins; everyone else must walk.  Despite qualifying for multiple reasons, we chose to walk (more specifically, Carrie decided we’d walk).



We bought a $2 kite at the gift shop that wouldn’t fly despite perfect kite winds.  We had some good laughs trying though.  Even the security guy (green shirt) was helping us try to get it going and to re-configure the kite to no avail.  In the end the only thing it was good for was shading our already sunburned faces.  We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful place to fail at flying a kite.








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