Go Fly a Kite

As we’ve written many times before, Mexico is fun because of the diverse landscapes, culture, and history that are available within just a few hours of driving.  The magic town of Tapalpa hadn’t been checked off our list yet, so we decided to make the two hour trip from Guadalajara to see it.  Carl the car hadn’t moved in over six weeks, since before Frida was born, so it gave us a chance to stretch his legs a bit before leaving on our long trip back to the US.  Likewise for Frida, it gave us a chance to see how she’d do in her car seat.

Tapalpa is a quaint little town full of charm (I think “quaint” and “charm” are my go-to words for all small Mexican mountain towns…sorry, can’t help it.)  You can rent nature cabins in the hills surrounding the town, but we went with our usual hotel room in town so we could walk around.  Our hotel room once again didn’t disappoint.  It was very nice with lots of natural wood beams, french doors leading out to a balcony, a wood-burning fireplace with wood & matches provided (imagine that in the US!), and an amazing breakfast that came included in the price.

The town plaza features two different churches built in the 1500’s.  Surrounding the plaza are shops, hotels, & second story restaurants with outdoor balcony seating overlooking the main square.

Just outside of town is a place called Las Piedrotas.  They’re huge boulders that look out of place in the middle of the surrounding pastures.  We relaxed in the shade of one of the gigantic rocks and attempted to fly our new kite.  We had a rough start, forgetting the string for the kite at home in Guadalajara.  The hotel owner saved the day and gave us a spool of nylon string she had leftover from a curtain project she did 20 years ago.  After that brief hiccup, we’re proud to say we redeemed ourselves from the last time we tried to fly a kite.  While searching our site to link to the last time we flew a kite, I realized there was yet another time two years ago when we tried flying a kite in St. Paul and failed.  3rd time is a charm I guess.

















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