Roam Some Ruins

If you’re fascinated by any sort of archaeology or anthropology, come to Mexico.  There are so many fun options for experiencing history here.  This time, for us, it was the Tzintzuntzan (good luck) Archaeological Zone, just off Lake Pátzcuaro.  Instead of driving directly from Morelia to the town of Pátzcuaro, we took a detour to see the site.  I won’t begin to do history justice by trying to explain further, but you can read more here, and it is worth a read in my opinion.  The short story is that it was still an inhabited site when the Spaniards arrived.  The emperor surrendered to the Spanish and the mix of cultures even managed to co-exist for some time until the Spanish burned the emperor at the stake anyway.  The population of the site slowly declined thereafter.

We had a beautiful, sunny day to leisurely walk around on our own.  Next time we’ll pack a picnic lunch, a blanket for a nap, and stay a few hours.





Many artifacts were uncovered at the site, including decorated stones, sculptures, pottery, and even metal tools for farming, cooking, & sewing.







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