Compare Quaint Mexican Mountain Towns

There are so many sides to Mexico, way more than we had ever imagined!  Of course we northerners love to think about the Mexican beaches, which are indeed wonderful, however what we’ve been most pleasantly surprised by are the cool mountain towns, like Mazamitla, where we’ve been twice since we loved it so much the first time.

But this time it was the town of Pátzcuaro, Michoacán.  It’s yet another fun mountain town with tons of charm.

iola insisted on carrying her monkey in the baby carrier…really her scarf with clever design by Carrie.


Most time in these towns is spent wandering around, seeing the nice plazas, admiring cool buildings, perusing neat little stores, and eating at small, mostly empty restaurants or trying street food.  We usually find time to warm up with a hot cocoa.  99% of the shops & restaurants we see are what we’d call good ol’ ma & pa establishments.


Pátzcuaro’s city market.  It doesn’t get any more ma & pa than this!

Market Patzcuaro

Carrie loves libraries.  Pátzcuaro’s is in an old church.  Unfortunately libraries aren’t as common in Mexico and even when found, they appear to be hardly used.

Library Patzcuaro

This is a funeral procession, much livelier than our “drive in a line but turn on our headlights” ritual in the US.  The casket is being carried on shoulders down the street.  There are large puppets being carried in an almost dancing sort of fashion, arms swaying all around.  A member of the group was shooting off loud fireworks.  Note to anyone who might attend my funeral if I die before you:  please, please, please, please, PLEASE show up with gigantic puppets & fireworks and don’t feel one ounce of shame!



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