Get Wet at a Zoo

Our last full day in Morelia was a rainy one, but we took a shot at the zoo anyway.  It was a wonderful zoo, even in the rain!

I’m torn on zoos.  It breaks my heart to see beautiful birds with nowhere to fly, huge elephants with hardly any space to roam, and polar bears with not much more than a pool for a home.  On the other hand, if it weren’t for zoos, I’d likely have much less appreciation for these gorgeous animals.  Seeing them in person makes me start thinking about what a beautiful earth we get to live on, which then leads me to think about how I can do my part to protect it.  Maybe enough people have this same experience that it’s worth the cause of awareness to keep the animals confined for our viewing pleasure.  I don’t know for sure.




The polar bear was a show-off!  She was having fun interacting with the visitors.







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