Move to the Big City

After three fantastic months staying by Lake Chapala, we moved this week to Guadalajara to be closer to our wonderful midwives Maria & Lupita at Casa Aramara (link to their Facebook page).  Carrie is due in about two weeks!

We got to meet the famous Joni Nichols!  She’s the reason we’re in Guadalajara.  We had planned to travel around Mexico in Norma, then got pregnant and decided not to travel around in Norma but still go to Mexico, and wanted a home-birth option.  Carrie found Joni & her work online, I contacted her, and for the last six months she has sent us email after email of extremely helpful information that has made what we’re doing possible.  She connected us with Maria & Lupita, and we’ll be forever grateful for all that she’s done for us.  She’s visiting Guadalajara at the moment and was kind enough to join us at our midwife visit.

What a great group of women doing great things!  (iola is making her hungry & tired voice heard; don’t question that it’s great.)

I wrote in my last post about Google’s sometimes creepy but sometimes awesome automatic photo features.  This animation wins the prize for the funniest!  Joni is doing some Night at the Roxbury action, iola is furious, and Lupita has a reggaeton song stuck in her head.


Guadalajara is a big city, the 2nd largest in Mexico, and its metro population ranks higher than Boston & Barcelona.  There’s so much stuff going on all around us…street markets, thousands of tiny shops, construction, rich people, poor people, people like us, people not like us.  But inside the new house we’ve rented it feels like a peaceful oasis, especially in the walled patio/garden area.  We can be outside in the midst of the bustle and then step inside to a quiet, relaxing place that makes you feel like you could be out in the country.  That’s good, because we’ll be giving birth here before the month is over!



Oh, the sun and moon, how I don’t envy your position.  Keep those big lips sealed tight.



4 thoughts on “Move to the Big City

  1. No bonus points for “famous” me for telling you about your home away from home at Casa Colorin???

    The owners two babies were homebirthed there too…some serious good karma there!

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