Tell the Tale of Norma

The Tale of Norma

In May 2015 we decided to buy a classic RV.  She was a 1968 Newell Coach, purchased from Earl, the 82 year old former owner.  Her name was Norma.  She was a showgirl.  We gave Norma a lot of TLC and had big plans for the ol’ girl.  I wouldn’t even be able to guess how many hours (more like months) I spent working on her, getting her ready to drive around the US and Mexico this winter.

1968 Newell Side  Iola on Carrie with Newell

Iola 1

Mother Nature’s little brother Hormones had other plans.  We’re now pregnant with another baby!  After months of deliberating how to blend our original plan of hopping all around the continent in Norma with the new reality that we’re going to have another baby, we made the tough decision to sell her after only having spent the night in her once.  But there’s a happy ending…

Norma’s new owner Castagna drove over eight hours to come pick her up.  She has even bigger plans for Norma than we did.  Norma is Castagna’s new home, art studio, and place of business!  She’s an artist (a very talented one), who’s going to travel around the country visiting classic car shows and painting commissioned work for proud antique car owners.

Castagna Painting 1

Today we passed through Guthrie, Oklahoma, where Norma is currently stationed.  Carrie exclaimed on the way into town, “Oh my god, there’s Norma!!!”


We met up with Castagna, who was nice enough to show us around the very cool town of Guthrie.  Did you know it was Oklahoma’s capital city before being moved to Oklahoma City?  I didn’t.

IMG_3245_2 IMG_3247

IMG_3249 IMG_3253

Castagna took us to a local cafe before we left town.  iola is obsessed with chocolate.

IMG_3256  IMG_3271

Castagna directed us to a great campground between Guthrie and Oklahoma City where we spent the night by Arcadia Lake.  Actually, before that she offered to let us stay in Norma again.  As kind as that was, it wouldn’t be right.  Norma has a great future ahead of her, and we slept well in our tent knowing that.  Plans change and life keeps rollin’.



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