Push Our Shower Limits

Ark City’s Cherokee Strip Campground gave me my first shot at a coin-operated shower.  Three minutes for one dollar, payable in quarters.  Extra quarters give you extra time, but how much extra time isn’t specified.  My math tells me 45 seconds per quarter, but I didn’t get to test it since my extra quarter I thought I brought was really a nickle.  Nor did I time it anyway, or even count, so my shower was really a two minute rush to make sure I got all the soap off and then one minute of standing there wondering when the three minutes would expire.

IMG_3209  IMG_3208

We packed up quickly and headed for 10 o’clock story time at the Ark City Public Library.  We stayed after for Halloween craft projects (Carrie and iola made a bat) and lingered for a couple hours playing, reading, and using their free WiFi.


We’re trying to eat reasonably healthy food on our trip.  Ark City was our Sin City.  Leftover Casey’s pizza from the night before and my inability to simply keep driving by Long John Silver’s meant we had a picnic lunch of heart attack with a side of day-old diabetes.

IMG_3216  IMG_3226

We headed south into Oklahoma.



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