Introduce Human iola to City iola

Our choice to not use major highways meant we found iola, Kansas, on our way south.  We’ll likely never be able to find tourist key chains with “iola” on them, so we had to take advantage.  That meant we took roughly one million pictures.  Here’s a small percentage of them.

IMG_3147  IMG_3122

IMG_3195  IMG_3183  IMG_3150

IMG_3190  IMG_3154


Carrie and iola can’t get enough of libraries.  iola is in a possessive stage where everything around her is “iola’s!!”  At the Iola Public Library, I finally couldn’t disagree with her.

IMG_3160  IMG_3179

IMG_3173  IMG_3172

We chose to potty train her very young.  This is usually very nice but sometimes interesting.


Our back roads weaved us through a series of small towns that looked like they’d seen better days.  We set up camp in Arkansas City, Kansas, or as the locals would say, Ark City.  Once again, we had the entire tent camping area to ourselves while the RV portion was jam packed.  Many “campers” appeared to be full-time residents based on the amount of possessions surrounding their abodes.



3 thoughts on “Introduce Human iola to City iola

  1. I’ve been to Ark City many many times! My grandparents lived VERY close, right over the border, in Winfield, KS!

  2. It’s fun to imagine what Grandma Iola would have to say about your visit to Iola. When you head back north, feel free to visit us in Fayette if you’re still on the backroad less traveled.

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