Understand Campground Pro’s and Con’s

iola is two years old, and she now has a fancy backpack and new books.

IMG_3029  IMG_3054


We stopped to see KC, briefly.

IMG_3091  IMG_3097

We spent the night in Bonner Springs, Kansas.  Don’t misspell that one.  Campgrounds seem to have lots of room for tents while the RV’s are crammed in together like sardines.  We have plenty of privacy.  We also have to use the campground’s version of a restroom, which can go either way.  This bathroom made me want to barf.  Gross enough I didn’t even want to stay long enough to take pictures, so you’ve been spared.

The air mattress has been replaced and we’re sleeping like babies, especially the baby.

IMG_3111  IMG_3112


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