Reunite for Saint Valentine

iola received the best Valentine’s Day present she ever could have hoped for…Grandma & Grandpa Ferguson showed up in Mexico.  There was a brief warming up period, as in about 15 seconds, and then iola was back in her groove of being with her best friends.


Carrie’s been wanting to see as much as possible before baby #2 arrives.  She somehow has more energy than all the rest of us, probably her vibrant desire to see new things.  For example, by writing this post right now I’m holding up the show on leaving the house to go see stuff.

Earlier this week we drove to the west of Guadalajara into agave country.  First stop: Magdalena.  It’s a cute little town known for it’s jewelry stores that sell opals from nearby mines.  We shopped, ate ice cream, and walked around the town.





The beautiful dark black volcanic rock Obsidian is also common, thanks to the now-dormant Tequila Volcano.  That sounds more like a device Señor Frogs would offer crazy spring breakers, but no, there is a real Tequila Volcano.  The rock is so prevalent that at one point most of the cobblestone roads were made of it.  Below it’s used as decorative inlay in Magdalena’s town plaza.







People here love touching iola, the little blondie.  I captured this moment by accident.



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