Take a Spin with G-Pa, Part II

Next stop on our trip: Colima (capital city of the state of Colima).  We stayed at a great hotel located right on a city park next to a church & plaza area.  We were also just a short drive from some ruins (La Campana Ruins) leftover from pre-hispanic civilizations.  What an interesting place that was!  Did you know human sacrifices were common in these civilizations?





We were pleasantly surprised by a showcase of Mexican dance in the plaza by the hotel that night.


We did a side trip to the town of Comala, a short drive from Colima.  Comala is the fictional setting of the novel Pedro Páramo by Mexican author Juan Rulfo.  I took a class my senior year of college completely dedicated to Rulfo’s work, which was small.  He only wrote one novel and a collection of short stories called El Llano en Llamas (The Burning Plains).  Too bad I was mentally checked out of college by that point!  Otherwise I’d fill you in on some more details.  Here’s a statue instead.


The view of the volcano was great from the town.  It was blowing smoke off and on all day.  It’s amazing how quickly the plume dissipates when not blowing out.



The church was still decorated for the Virgen of Guadalupe.  They really admire that gal.


We stopped by a “magic zone” where you put your car in neutral and it rolls what appears to be uphill.  I thought I wouldn’t be fooled, but sure enough, it really did look like the car was rolling against gravity!  Of course a picture provides no proof of this so you’ll have to take my word for it.  Why the water bottle?  Professor Grandpa was doing some science experiments.


Grandpa Gary didn’t want to leave the hotel pool, so we promised him if we left Colima to go to the beach and he wasn’t pleased, we would return to Colima (it didn’t happen).


On the way out of town we stopped by a free zoo.


The only camel at this zoo causes cancer.


Here’s a tongue-twister for you: iola loves inanimate animals.

My favorite animals weren’t in cages.




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