Free the Turtles

On the way back up to the hills from the coast, Carrie found yet another activity for us.  Once again at the end of a road where I was cursing the potholes and questioning if this side trip was really worth it, we arrived at the Tortugario, a sea turtle refuge.  And I should stop questioning my wife, as this was yet another really fun stop.  They keep huge sea turtles in pools, bury their eggs in sand, and then release the babies once born.  We were hoping to see the latter part the most but were about to leave without seeing babies when…

They asked if we’d like to release some turtles!  Newborn sea turtles combined with a two year old is a cocktail of adorableness.  iola threw her turtle instead of gently setting it down.  It survived, thankfully, else I’d have lingering guilt over my daughter murdering an endangered animal.





Leaving the turtles, we drove through Cuyutlán, a small fishing town.  Carrie was hungry so we explored the little town and found a pot of gold.  Lining the Pacific coast were dozens of restaurants with seating right on the beach.  We got a view of surfers while we waited for our food.  Carrie had delicious fish tacos and I ate garlic shrimp with a coco loco drink, straight out of the coconut.  The loco part was not native to the coconut.  This was one of the tastiest, most relaxing meals in my recent memory.  And oddly affordable.





You might not think too much of the middle, darker cloud unless you were looking for it.  It’s a volcano we passed going back into the mountains toward home.


These sunsets never get old.




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