Lure Grandpa South

Grandpa Gary decided to ditch the cold and visit us.  He is one of iola’s best friends, so that news was very welcomed.  We picked him up in Guadalajara & we combined the trip to the city with other errands.

First was the International Book Fair Carrie wanted to check out.  We imagined it being a sort of sleepy, casual event.  It was the opposite…long line to get in & a bit on the crowded side despite the gigantic venue.  It was really fun to experience & we got great new Spanish books for iola.




We once again stayed in a fantastic hotel in Guadalajara, probably the best Mexican hotel we’ve stayed in so far (and still well under $50).


We visited the midwives again.  Mamá y bebé are both doing well!


Grandpa’s flight was running late so we had time to explore the city  before heading to the airport.  Carrie had been on a felt fabric hunt and finally found it in a crazy busy fabric store.  Buying our merchandise was an experience like no other.  First we had to find someone to cut the fabric pieces.  At one point after about color number five I told the employee, “and one of every color.”  She looked back at all the different colors with a stunned look until I told her it was a joke.  She gave us a paper ticket (but not our felt) that we had to take to a cash register.  We had to get a different ticket from a different department for the paint Carrie also wanted.  Once everything was paid for, we waited in one long line to show the paid receipt and pick up the fabric.  In another line we waited to pick up the paint.  I have no idea how this method saves money or prevents shoplifting, but I’m thankful it’s unlikely I’ll ever step foot in that store again.  Between the book fair and that store I had my share of crowds for a few months.  I will admit the results of Carrie’s felt quest made it all worth it (see below).



We ate at the world’s smallest restaurant (unofficial) before going to find Grandpa at the airport.



Grandpa’s here!  The amount of love between these two never gets old to see.

iola loves her new felt Christmas tree.





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