Head to the Ocean

Gringos have no business being in Mexico for a month without having seen the Mexican coast.  We looked for the quickest driving distance to a beach and went there, which landed us in Manzanillo, on the Pacific coast.  We planned to stay here three nights but as I’m writing this we’ve now extended our stay for two more nights.


The climate in Manzanillo is surprisingly different than by Chapala up in the mountains at 5,000 feet.  Here it’s 90 degrees and sunny whereas by Chapala it’ll sometimes sneak into the 80’s but usually stays in the 70’s and no air conditioning is needed.

Our hotel on the beach sets us back $43/night including tax & resort fee.  If you’re looking for a five star resort this wouldn’t be your place, but we love it.  Our door is about six steps to the pool and the beach is 10 steps beyond that.  We hear the waves crashing while in bed.


Hurricane Patricia surprisingly seems to have spared this area.  It had been predicted to cause unprecedented damage.  The only sign we’ve seen of a hurricane is the missing panels of Plexiglas between the pool and the beach.  Our view is better than it would be otherwise so thank you, Patricia.  It seems like yesterday we were avoiding your rains.



We went to the hotel’s restaurant the first night and were surprised to discover it’s a Spanish restaurant.  Tortilla española & calamares a la romana hit the spot.  Although I’m a one trick pony as a chef, I will say I could show them a trick or two on making Spanish tortilla.  I’ll forgive them since we’re halfway around the world from Spain…and because their beachfront patio is one of the prettiest places I’ve ever eaten a meal.



Carrie invariably finds weird places for us to go.  Once we’ve arrived I’m thankful for Carrie’s exploratory nature 99% of the time, and I’m glad she’s not the type to just stay on the beach (metaphorically, although in this case literally.)  On the trips to get to these places, however, I’ll admit I’ve cursed the decision to go plenty of times.  Our most recent example is the Iguananario, an “Iguanarium”.  If it looks like there’s someone’s makeshift home right beside the place, it’s because there’s someone’s makeshift home right beside the place.


A horror movie could be made in this place.  They estimate they have around 500 iguanas, and they’re everywhere.  Above you in trees, beside you, below you.  No fences for these guys.  They also have cute raccoons, pigs, badgers, guinea pigs, roosters, & some other birds.  Quite the funny mix.  Very fun, I must say.




In case you haven’t heard the rumor, Mexicans love peppers.  I asked the waitress at our lunch stop yesterday if the salsa she brought to the table was spicy.  She said no.  She was a big liar.  Although from her perspective I imagine they were not, in fact, spicy.




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