Look Down

In my last post I wrote about the wide variety of colorful houses on display in Mexico.  The sidewalks in front of the houses are no less interesting.  After walking for just five minutes you will easily pass dozens of different sidewalk pavements.  Some slick tiles, some porous tiles, some stones, some painted concrete, some boring concrete, some really old sidewalks that make using a stroller very difficult, some brand-new shiny ones that are slippery, and on and on.  While I don’t know the official legal stance on sidewalks here, I can say for sure in most cities it appears each homeowner has complete control over what they want their sidewalk to be.

Here are some cell phone snapshots I’ve taken on our walks.  Something cool I discovered while writing this post:  go clear to the bottom of the page first and then scroll up.  It’ll be like you’re taking a walk in Mexico.  Or if you like walking backwards just scroll down like normal.  Either way, if you’re like us you’ll see beauty in not having mile after mile of the same old thing.


I missed this house before my last post, so here’s a bonus house.



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