Take Passport Pictures

When iola was about six months old we had her passport picture taken.  I held her, but with a white sheet between us.  Her picture turned out to be pretty adorable, tongue and all:


Taking a passport picture of a one-week-old, however, was a different beast!  Getting a shot of Frida that meets the requirements for passports wasn’t easy.  I took just shy of 100 pictures in order to get one that worked.  But then of course Carrie found out after-the-fact that for infants it’s not required for their eyes to be open.  I was going for the more stringent “eyes open, both ears showing, chin showing, mouth shut” requirements for adult passport pictures.  Turns out I could have been less picky, but it was fun anyway and we got cute Frida head-shots as a result.

Here are just a few of the many, many outtakes spanning over two days:


And after all those pictures, here’s the chosen one for the passport:



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