Exhibit Poor Time Management Skills

Zacatecas was so much fun we didn’t want to leave, so instead we put in a full day of fun before leaving (doing this and this, the previous posts).  The plan was to arrive Tuesday evening to the house where we’ll be staying for the next three months, not quite a five hour drive from Zacatecas.  We’ve learned the potholes alone make it a dumb idea to drive at night here, so we wanted to arrive before sunset.  We failed completely at planning this correctly.

Instead of departing when we needed to, which doing basic math would have told us, we couldn’t resist a quaint little cafe/restaurant (neither of those words really applies but I don’t have a better one).  Two burritos, three orders of quesadillas, & two liters of bottled water later, I was 114 Pesos ($6.86) poorer.  All of it was incredibly delicious.  iola loved dipping her quesadillas in the green chile salsa that was too spicy for me.  My favorite was “brocheta”, which I think was seasoned beef chopped up together with bell peppers.  I can’t guarantee that description is accurate, but I can guarantee it was delicious.


We got lost leaving town, which didn’t help, and even if we hadn’t there’s no way we would have made it to our destination as planned before sunset.  So instead we stayed in a hotel on the outskirts of Guadalajara.  Last minute? No problem, we’ll give you a clean, modern hotel room with a great breakfast in the 2nd largest city in Mexico for $47.

Workers manually bagging onions on our way toward Guadalajara.



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