Don’t Stop Clicking the Shutter Button

Don’t click to see this post unless you really like pictures of our child (BTW, this is why we don’t post much on Facebook–we at least like to offer the option of whether or not you want to see an overwhelming amount of pictures of our child : )

Here’s a series of photos by Carrie of our favorite subject. The backdrop is the wallpaper & bed in the last minute room we got in Guadalajara (last post).  These are all the pictures Carrie took, exactly as they were taken.  No deleting, no editing, no reordering.


IMG_4407  IMG_4408  IMG_4409

IMG_4410  IMG_4411  IMG_4412

IMG_4413  IMG_4414  IMG_4415

IMG_4418  IMG_4419  IMG_4420

IMG_4421  IMG_4422


IMG_4424  IMG_4425


IMG_4430  IMG_4431  IMG_4433


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