Stay in Cheap, Great Hotels

Hotels are cheap in Mexico.  Old and rustic (in a good way) or new and modern, your choice for less than $50 US per night.  Our breakfast at the cool, old, downtown hotel in Zacatecas included the following:

  1. Toast with butter/jellies
  2. Guava juice and coffee
  3. Generous plate of fruit for each of us: pineapple, guava, & cantaloupe
  4. Our choice of hot cakes or a variety of scrambled egg options, all made to order.  Carrie & iola had pancakes, I had a revuelto con chorizo.

Our breakfast bill for even a cheap greasy spoon in the US would have been at least $20.  The total hotel bill, which included the free breakfast, was $45.  Crazy.

iola was excited for her pancakes and even more excited to swim in the amazing pool.  I was excited the hotel had free underground parking.  I’m perplexed by the economics of these hotels.  Are construction costs that much cheaper? Are food costs that much cheaper?  Are labor costs that much cheaper?  How is anyone making a profit?!  I will continue to investigate this.  I will also continue to enjoy the great hotel options in Mexico.  Just stay clear of the roadside love motels.  Lots of those, too!  Those will set you back about $20 (or less) per night should you find yourself in the market for one.




It’s amazing how quickly one gets spoiled.  Effective immediately I am too good to wipe with anything that isn’t ornately folded.



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