Attend a Gallery Talk

David Lefkowitz talked about his art and other pieces in the Walker Art Center’s ‘Lifelike’ exhibit.  Lefkowitz’s pieces in the exhibit were paintings of outlets, wall sockets, thermostats and other wall fixtures.  Lefkowitz’s works were placed around the exhibit, some in such a way that required a double take to determine if it was art or a real fixture.

Can you tell which fixture below is art?

In the top row of fixtures the one farthest to the right is one of Lefkowitz’s pieces.


Lefkowitz’s lecture focused on the concept of perception of what is art.

And there were lots of pieces in the exhibit that played with that very question.  Like that comb.

And these elevators… which from this picture don’t look very artsy… but see below.

Mini elevators!

And check out this guy…

No, really check him out…

He’s art!  And he was made with such an amazing attention to detail.

And one more of Lefkowitz’s fixtures.

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