Winning Dog/Owner Look-a-Like Contest

Saturday morning was perfect 5k9 weather!  Ryan and I and six of our friends all met up for Lululemon’s first annual 5k9 at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis.  Amongst the 8 of us we had 6 dogs: Chata Luna, Dolores Arlene, Bonnie, Rueben Hummel III, Keller and Wally Walter.

Family Picture

I came across this event somewhere on the internet while looking for fun and interesting things to do.  The description of the first annual event was:

 Join us for lululemon’s 1st annual 5k(canine) walk/run. Meet/greet/sniff at 11am, race will begin at 11:15. One loop around the lake, treats and prizes awarded at the finish. Awards given for: fastest dog slowest dog best costume owner/dog look-a-like Prizes provided by some of your pets favorites such as Bubbly Paws dog wash and grooming, pet photographer Sarah Ernhart, and more! Get set for a tail-waggin’ good time!

It seems like everyone has a couple 5k’s under their belt.  And Ryan and I are of course card-carring members of the 5k club along with everybody else.  What we haven’t done was a 5k9 race.

To make the race more memorable we decided we needed to win one of the categories.  Dolores is fast and Chata is slow however neither are probably the fastest nor the slowest.  Both dogs don’t care much for costumes.  So, the only other option was owner/dog look-a-like.  I stayed up brainstorming in my head how we were going to get the two brown dogs to start looking like Ryan and I.

In the morning I had it.  The final plan involved cutting my hair, superglue and a permanent marker.  The girls have donned stylish eyebrows before so it was only natural that they sported some for this event and I joined them.  Thankfully, my eyebrows were not made up with permanent marker.  The girls each got their weave did and somehow the blond braid stayed attached the entire race and day.  Ryan decided to forgo the transformation with us.


  We arrived at the bandshell at 11am and had a quick meet and sniff with all the dogs.  We signed some waivers for the race.  And of course I campaigned for myself as the winner of the owner/dog look-a-like.

We all enjoyed a leisurely lap around Lake Harriet, the weather was really quite perfect.

As I rolled into the finish line with Chata (I was on roller-skates) I was awarded the owner/dog look-a-like award!

We won a Polaroid picture of us and a gift certificate for one overnight stay at ADOGO Pet Hotel.   We were excited about the prize until I noticed it expired last October.

None-the-less we won!


  We also won several good laughs and smiles from strangers and maybe even more confused looks because we looked ridiculous.

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