Swim in (Not Hot) Springs and Ponder What Gold Bond Is For

Between Llano & Austin, Texas, lies Krause Natural Springs & Camping.  Of course when we heard “springs” our minds thought of “hot springs” and we didn’t put much thought into the advertised year-round constant temperature of 68 degrees.  We quickly realized they weren’t hot springs, or even warm springs.  Carrie and I each took quick dips, and we’ll admit it was refreshing, but not a place you want to just hang out in unless it’s really hot outside.  The big plus: the setting was absolutely gorgeous.  Just ignore the No Smoking signs nailed to trees…sad that isn’t just a given in a place like this.

IMG_3894  IMG_3924 IMG_3907  IMG_3883

We were awakened at 5:00 am for a pretty funny reason…dozens and dozens of vehicles rolled into the place for none other than the production of a series of Gold Bond advertisements.  They had huge trucks with snow making machines for a scene with snowball fights.  We inadvertently wandered through a scene they were filming from above of a girl running on the rock formations.  We named her Sporty Spice, and we thought she was just practicing until we heard the guy’s radio say “Action!” as we walked by and she took off running.  Oops.


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