Sing “The Stars at Night Are Big and Bright” while Deep in the Heart of Texas

Carrie found us the coolest place we’ve camped so far: Caprock Canyons State Park, southeast of Amarillo.  It was so full for the weekend that we had to camp in the overflow area, which meant we got a large area to ourselves.  That was perfectly fine by us, so we stayed two nights.  The second night brought a 40 degree chill, but we stayed warm.  The bison and great hikes made us glad we headed west.  Most importantly, it didn’t rain.

The bison were nice enough to pose with our car.

IMG_3502  IMG_3528

IMG_3495  IMG_3510

IMG_3602  IMG_3596

IMG_3623   IMG_3627

IMG_3708  IMG_3678

IMG_3660   IMG_3629

One last thing: Don’t Mess With Texas



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