See the Family then Head toward Mexico

We attended the Garland family reunion.  My grandma iola, daughter iola’s namesake, was born Helen Iola Garland.  She lived her entire life in Tingley, Iowa, population: not many.  The family potluck food never fails to satisfy, and guarantees car windows will need rolled down later.

IMG_2970  IMG_2943

I’ve spent hours and hours playing with cousins here throughout my childhood.  It’s a lot less lively now.

IMG_2945  IMG_2947

IMG_2949  IMG_2950

IMG_2954  IMG_2957

Grandma Iola lived in this house almost her entire life.  I’ve lived in approximately 20 houses in one-third the amount of time she lived.  Pondering which lifestyle is better is interesting, but a determination proves to be impossible.


We said our goodbyes and headed south toward Mexico.


We stopped in Mt. Ayr, Iowa, where my other grandparents are buried.  Guess where I got my name from.



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