Close the Bones

It’s been amazing to me how quickly we’ve settled into Mexico.  When I think back just five months, shortly after arriving to Mexico, there were so many things that were glaringly obvious differences from the US; the way people drive, the food, prices for all sorts of things, the physical currency itself, Mexican Spanish (many different words versus castellano from Spain), etc.  Now, most things in Mexico just seem normal to us, in a good way.

We got a very happy reminder last week that we are still in a different country and there are still plenty of fun, unique experiences to enjoy.  The midwives came over to perform a “closing of the bones” on Carrie.  It’s a practice done in traditional midwifery as a way to give thanks to the woman’s body for all that it’s done before, during, and after pregnancy, and to help it heal and return to its original state.

Carrie first got a head-to-toe massage.  Next was the “closing.”  This is done with a rebozo, a long traditional scarf used for carrying babies (or other things.)  It was wrapped and pulled tightly around Carrie’s body while she was laying down, one rebozo-width at a time, starting from the head, moving down to the feet, then back up to her head.  The midwives told her things to think about as they did it, a sort of meditation.  On the way down to her feet there were thoughts of thanks for her body for all it’s done.  On the way back toward her head the thoughts were about returning the body to its pre-pregnancy state to be ready to do it again if she wishes (that one made Carrie laugh!)  Finally, she got a warm bath with a homemade mix of herbs prepared by the midwives.

It was a very unique & warm experience.  The midwives have been so sweet, kind, and generous to all of us.  Gracias, Maria, Francesca, Miriam, & Lupita!








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