Meet the Mexican Midwives

Today we met the midwives who will be delivering our baby in Guadalajara.  They were fantastic and we couldn’t be happier!  Gracias, Maria y Lupita!

I’ve driven in some big cities, but Guadalajara was intimidating to me (in my imagination).  Is it a little crazy?  Like do you see mopeds and occasionally cars driving the wrong way (against traffic) on the shoulder of pretty major highways?  Yes, most definitely.  Will pedestrians run across these same highways? Yes.  Did we see a sizable rock, maybe the size of a decorative gourd, fall out of a truck, hit a car, and then witness the car driver make the truck stop? Yep, sure did.  However, I must say it wasn’t that crazy.  For the most part it’s orderly and drivers are friendly.  They’ll let you into traffic, they’ll give a friendly wave if you let them into traffic, and they’ll honk and flip you off as a friendly way to let you know what you did was against their driving preferences (oops).  My favorite mind-numbing activity when I need one is to watch crazy Russian driving videos on YouTube.  They’re worth a viewing.  Don’t let Carrie tell you they’re a waste of time.  Compared to the Russians in those videos (given, it’s a lowlight reel of human behavior), Mexicans I’ve encountered while driving are incredibly polite.  No yelling, no punching, and no guns.

We went to Guadalajara yesterday so we didn’t have to do the round trip all in one day.  The $35 awesome hotel three blocks from our midwives’ clinic made that an easy decision.  We found a trendy, what should be expensive, area of the city for dinner (under $10 total for dinner) and a cool little waffle cafe for breakfast (also under $10).

We were excited to meet Maria & Lupita and we’re very happy we get to have our next child with them.  They’re professional, kind, and full of laughs, which might just be the best part.  Carrie and the baby appear to be as healthy as can be.  It was confusing to them Carrie tested low on vitamin D on her lab work done while we were still in the US.  They don’t run across that much in sunny Mexico!

IMG_4568  IMG_4570

IMG_4575  IMG_4581

IMG_4582  IMG_4610

IMG_4629  IMG_4633  IMG_4635


One thought on “Meet the Mexican Midwives

  1. How delightful to see you ladies all together! So grateful that the internet, email and skype has made this collaboration possible. You will be so happy you chose to birth in Guadalajara with these skilled and loving midwives. Be sure and let me know if you’d like one of their favorite doulas to accompany you too.. 😉

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