A mom and baby help another mom and her babies

Carrie with Iola in harness herding the goose family to safety
Carrie with Iola in harness herding the goose family to safety

The other day we were out on a walk around the neighborhood. Almost right away I spotted baby geese, cute little yellow goslings in the middle of the construction mess and traffic of Lowertown Saint Paul. We walked over to find our friend attempting to herd Mother Goose and her three adorable goslings out of traffic. He had to get to work so he left us in charge of getting the family to safety. We called animal control. Not knowing how long we could be waiting for help, we decided to just walk the geese to the closest park, which happened to have a nice pond and lots of green space. The name says it all: Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary.
We walked Mother Goose past the light rail train maintenance facility, through a large parking lot and under bridge construction. Mother Goose hissed at us if we walked too fast, or maybe it was because we were getting a little too close. Along the walk we passed by small puddles. Mother Goose walked through and the first gosling would follow close behind; the two stragglers stopped for a minute to enjoy a splash. The first gosling stayed really close to Mother Goose, so close at times that she would run into the mom’s tail feathers. We corralled the Goose family past a final chain link fence to a path safe from construction trucks, traffic and other dangers.

Afterword. On the walk back home we passed by the animal control officer holding a large black net. He was looking into nooks and crannies for the family. We waved him down to let him know we had walked the family to safety. He thanked us and we thanked him.

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