Celebrate Obscura Day

We celebrated Obscura day by exploring Allen Christian’s House of Balls in Minneapolis.  If you are unfamiliar with Obscura Day check out http://atlasobscura.com/

We decided when we saw this truck we must be close.


We saw the sign and went to the door.  A person wearing a very large colander like headpiece opened the door and motioned us in.  It was strange and intriguing.


The house of balls is full of Allen Christian’s art… and it is quite the trip.  There is something to look at everywhere.

One of my favorite parts, Allen had cemented a gravestone that a friend gave him in the floor of the threshold between the front room and back.  Allen said he had done some genealogy on the names and couldn’t find anything, so more than likely the gravestone was probably a misprint or the couple decided they weren’t going to die.

Other highlights included the organized boxes in the basement that were labeled things like bones, and old doctors instruments.

Later that day we ended up in Iowa and decided to continue Obscura day by discovering our own kooky place.  We drove through a person’s car cemetery.

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